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Fine Art Custom Pet Portraits

Treat your fur babies like royalty and capture all their little quirks and characteristics in a custom one-of-a-kind fine art acrylic portrait. Limited quantities available for my fine art portraits, so don't let your furry friend miss out on their chance to be a masterpiece when they are in stock.

Digital custom pet portrait

Hand drawn & illustrated from your pet photos & includes print options. All portraits are created by me from scratch  - I don't use filters or apps. Just your pet's personality!

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Custom Add Ons


"Put your pet on everything! With our new custom add-on merch, you can now have your furry friend's face on everything from mugs to t-shirts. Your pet will finally be able to live their dream of becoming a walking billboard. Who needs a cat-walk when you can have a cat-mug-walk!" 

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