Please note: Stickers are made from current or past portraits only.  Sticker price does not include a painted portrait if you do not already have one. 


**quantity will indicate how many individual packs you want to put your sticker sheets in separately. For example: Sheets :5, Quantity 1: you will get 5 sheets in one pack. 

Sheets 5, Quantity:2 : You will get 5 sheets in one pack and a 2nd pack of 5 sheets (great option if you want to order for yourself and gift  it to someone). They will still be mailed to the same address if they are in the same order, but packaged individually according to your quantity selection.


Stickers sheets are made from your custom pet portrait photos. A previous or current pet portrait order is required in order for me to print your sticker sheets for you. All portraits can be turned into sticker sheets,  acrylic and digital.  These 6x9 stationary sticker sheets fit about 20 mini stickers (1.3" in height) and are great for envelope seals or planners. They are printed on glossy vinyl but are not water resistant. 


Past Customers: If you have ordered a portrait from me in the past and would like sticker sheets made of that portrait, please email me a photo so that I can make sure I still have your artwork on file. You can reorder any time using this option


Customers waiting for portraits: You can choose this as an add-on to your current portrait and I will mail your sticker sheets along with your pending portrait. 


Current lead time (excluding shipping time):

- 1-2 weeks from ordering if I already have a photo of your portrait

-Pending portrait orders: stickers will be mailed out with your portrait

-New portrait orders: Portraits and stickers will be mailed out in June

STICKER SHEETS ADD ON (not water resistant)

PriceFrom $10.00